HCG Diet Plan

The HCG diet plan is inspired and based on the research conducted by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons. He systematized the HCG diet plan and this contains a recommended dietary regimen for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The person utilizing the HCG diet plan is discouraged to do physical activity because there is only limited calorie consumption each day, which is hallmark of this weight loss solution. If you plan on taking up this diet plan, you should always be ready on the phases that you would undergo and always follow the prescribed regimen so that you could get the best results after.

There are certain foods that are recommended in the HCG diet plan. These are lean meats, fresh vegetables and fruits, stevia and approved seasonings. Seafood is also permitted in this diet regimen. An example of an HCG diet plan would be: for breakfast, herbal tea or coffee sweetened with stevia on day one and fruits on day two. Lunch menu could be two cups of lettuce with lean meat, breadstick or Melba toast and half of a grapefruit. Dinner may consist of steamed cabbage, one-half cup of strawberries, Melba toast and grilled fish.
HCG diet plan is split into three phases. Dieters should follow the specified number of days for each phase. First phase of the HCG diet plan is the Loading Phase. This is the first two days of the dietary regimen. During this phase, dieters consume foods that have high calories. This is done to load the body with enough nutrients and energy in preparation for the low calorie diet days in the next phase.

The dosage needed here is 10 to 15 drops of HCG 3 times a day. Second stage of the HCG diet plan is the Maintenance Phase. During this phase, introduction of the 500-calorie diet is done for day 21 to 40. Very low calorie diet is being consumed along with 10 to 15 drops of HCG 3 times a day.
This combination helps in the burning of fats in the major fat storage locations such as the hips, buttocks, thighs, lower abdomen and the chin. In this phase, the dieter should not eat starch, sugar and fried food. Don’t worry if there is only a low intake of calories because hunger may not be felt due to adequate calorie supply from the fat storages.

The last phase is the Stabilization Phase wherein there is a transition from Very Low Calorie Diet to a Controlled Diet intake. Starch and Sugar intake is restricted so that the person’s weight would be stable. Following this HCG diet would help dieters achieve their desired body weight.Read more here

HCG Diet

Due to the growing number of overweight and obese people nowadays and fear of dying from the diseases these problems may predispose, people are already going crazy on what weight loss solutions they want to use. There are now a lot of ways to lose weight that offer or promise a certain solution for the weight problem, the decision to use these will just depend on the choice of the user.

One of these weight loss solutions is HCG diet. The primary component of this weight loss solution is HCG or human chorionic gonadotrophin, a natural hormone produced in great amounts during a woman’s pregnancy. It is often detected in a pregnant woman’s urine when using a pregnancy test kit. It helps in sustaining the needed nutrients of the baby while inside the mother’s womb.

Why is HCG diet believed to aid in weight loss? HCG stimulates the hypothalamus to mobilize fats out of its storage sites so that it would be fully utilized by the body. Continuous release of these fats would result also to continuous burning of calories from stored fat each day.

HCG Diet

It was also found out that HCG was gonadotrophic and it stimulates genital development. Later, it was employed as a treatment for boys with pituitary gland disorders resulting from abnormality in genital development during puberty. Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, the one who developed this diet, had noticed that boys with underdeveloped gonads undergoing HCG treatment were also able to reduce weight by less food intake without experiencing pangs of hunger.
After many years of research, a paper was published stating the developed dietary regimen while taking this drug to lose weight and its effects. In HCG diet, you either take in HCG supplements or receive HCG injections. HCG diet requires the user to extremely reduce his caloric intake, consuming only 25% to 50% of the recommended calorie intake, about 500 to 800 calories per day.

A person may not feel hungry even if he has only eaten a few calories because in HCG Diet, HCG helps in the release of calories from the body’s stored fat that disables the feeling of hunger. In this way, HCG diet helps people lose weight varying from 0.5 to 3 pounds a day. With this diet, a person’s appetite is decreased resulting to less food intake and it gives the person an easy way to sustain a normal weight.

A minimum amount of exercise is already sufficient for sustaining a healthy body. In HCG Diet, body metabolism will be different because the hypothalamus is already modified to release fat and the person will not have the urge to overeat anymore. Thus, HCG Diet is a good way to lose weight.Read more

HCG Drops Review

Do you follow the HCG diet protocol now but you hate the hassles of the injection form and you need to see a doctor for this? Worry no more. The solution to your problem is HCG drops. HCG drops is one form of Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin. It contains enough amounts of HCG needed to restructure the body’s hypothalamus, which would be responsible for fat transportation from the storage sites to be used as energy for the body.

Hcg drops is a good Hcg form for Hcg diet protocol because although it has lower Hcg concentration levels than the injection form, it is easier to apply, without further costs of going to a health professional. And also, you won’t have to experience pain after each session because it is less invasive. Some HCG drops reviews also stated that HCG drops has a lot of benefits. First, it does not require refrigeration; it can be stored at room temperature unlike the injection form. Second, it is very convenient, and it has a long shelf life. Some of the HCG drops are also enriched with Amino Acids to help assist lean muscle mass and support the endocrine system to maintain its balance. Below are other HCG drops reviews.

HCG Drops Review
Many HCG dieters stated their HCG drops review that it really works extremely well. Using the product has caused their weight to drop off in bulky amounts. According to other HCG drops review, these products are better than the expensive HCG injections and you will really not feel hungry when taking this. Many also who gave the HCG drops review expressed their joy and excitement every time they stand on the weighing scale each day because of the satisfactory weight loss results they have experienced.

There are also negative HCG drops review expressed by some medical professional and users. Some doctors doubt the effectiveness of HCG drops, whether the hormone or reduction of calories stimulated the results. Users who shared their HCG drops review said that taking the HCG drops frequently for at least 3 times a day was a bit annoying and if you attempt to cheat on this diet protocol that you have already started and strived hard to get your desired weight, you will pay the price. You can gain weight faster than the way you lost it. Because of the effectiveness of the HCG drops, dieters still continue to use this dietary regimen.

HCG Weight Loss

HCG weight loss regimen has become popular among dieters. It is a unique weight loss solution because unlike other weight loss programs, HCG diet does not focus on the body mass or fats. Weight loss is achieved with the help of HCG, the one that restructures the hypothalamus.

It is an effective regimen because it attacks the main causes of obesity such as severe physiological hunger, slow body metabolism and binge eating. Other diet programs deal with the symptoms of these abnormalities by just reducing the food intake thus weight loss is not achievable. In the long run, the lost fat after long months of vigorous dieting returns quickly when one resumes to a normal diet.

HCG Weight Loss

There are two forms of HCG being utilized in this program. The first and more popular is the homeopathic form. It is usually in spray, capsule or drops where liquid form of HCG is stored and it is easier to apply. It has low concentration of HCG compared to the injectable form.

The next form is the HCG injection, which is more effective in HCG weight loss plan because it is directly introduced into the body and it has relatively high concentration of HCG. But then, HCG injection costs more than the other form and it can only be administered by health care professionals. This is why the homeopathic form is still patronized by many dieters despite of a big difference in HCG concentration. But still, this gives them a notable decrease in weight.
There are certain precautions when applying the HCG weight loss program. When taking HCG, keep in mind that hormones are increased to significant levels that results to frequent mood swings that may easily distract anyone’s concentration. While on a very low calorie diet, vitamins should be included in the HCG weight loss diet to inhibit complete body energy loss.

For people who want significant weight loss, then the HCG weight loss program is for them. Besides, it is easy to apply. People won’t have to starve themselves from eating and spend long hours of exercising.

HCG weight loss injections and supplements also cause substantial fat loss than other weight loss products. These ensure a high success rate, help you reshape your body and give you a healthy and happy outlook in life. Knowing that you have lost weight each day, following the HCG weight loss program can be a happy and highly motivating experience.

Where To Get the Best Hcg Diet Drops

Hcg takes the country by storm. Using this type of special program, you can observe great weight reduction in a short period of time. Of course, one of the big parts of the diet program is discovering the right HCG drops. You don’t want to find having an imitation so you shouldn’t pay a lot of if you’re attempting to find the best drops for you personally. Habits it’s important to research before you buy when you’d like to know where for the greatest Hcg diet.

Best Hcg Diet Drops

What Are HCG Drops?

HCG is often a special hormone that may boost weight loss in an exceedingly unique way. HCG occurs naturally while being pregnant. The truth is, it’s the specific hormone that a majority of pregnancy tests try to find. This agent been specifically employed to help boost metabolism in people which diet and slim down quickly. The HCG diet, originally developed by British endocrinologist Albert T.W. Simeons, involves after a special diet regime, while choosing a certain quantity of Hcg diet drops each day. Some have estimated it helps individuals burn 3000 to 4000 calories every single day, bringing about weight reduction of at least 1 pound each day. True, depending on how much you have.

How Can You Take HCG?

HCG comes in an injectable form, or it is made in drop form. With injections, usually goal is fertility. Hcg diet drops are used strictly for weight loss in conjunction with the Hcg weight loss plan. The drops aren’t as strong as the injections, and that’s why they are often included in dieting. HCG can also be taken being a capsule or spray, but drops are preferred since they allow one’s body to take in the hormone more quickly.

Most drops require you to take 10 drops during a period, and apply them directly underneath the tongue. Make this happen thrice each day. When taking the drops, it’s donrrrt forget to remember never to eat or drink anything either ten mins before, or 10 minutes after to further improve the absorption rate.

Where to Buy HCG Drops

Learning where for the best HCG drops can be quite a bit complicated, as they are usually not sold in pharmacies or at druggist. In most all cases, the injections get included in a prescription, and so are usually purely available for ladies undergoing fertility treatments.

However, it’s still possible for the greatest HCG drops online along with some research. They may be in extremely high demand, so there are numerous online outlets that sell this special weight reduction solution. The secret to success is discovering the right place to get it to help you make sure you’re actually getting the ideal HCG.

As a way to tell, you need to examine labels that list all the ingredients. For starters, HCG ought to be listed those types of ingredients. Be on the lookout for terms like hormone free’ because that immediately suggests that the Hcg diet drops are certainly not real. In fact, HCG is a hormone. Just how can it’s hormone free? Top quality drops have been shown include amino acids or B-12, because these two items have been shown to help the absorption rate of HCG.

How Can You Tell if it is Real?

For some, you can simply choose learning from your errors to determine whether the HCG you’re getting is bona fide. See the labels thoroughly and check out the reviews from customers. Make sure you search the specific maker with the product online to see if they may be credible when you buy. It can also help to view weight loss forums, in particular those dedicated to hcg specifically, to find high quality HCG drops.

If you want to start hcg and extremely enhance your weight reduction, then Hcg diet drops are going to be central in your fat loss goals. Obviously, you must ensure you’re buying excellent real Hcg diet from this website. There are several imitations available on the market. If you want to needn’t be stuck by having an imitation, you’ll want to request information from. Don’t be fooled by low prices, read the labels and locate a good seller. This way, it is certain you’re getting the best Hcg diet.